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Here’s a little blurb from cast member Kait talking about Creative Development on Wednesday 21st September 2011.

Tonight we started off by doing some stretching to warm up and to loosen our bodies and that was pretty good. Then we did some impulsive walking, we had a space in the room to walk around in and we weren’t allowed to think about our next move we had to do everything by impulse. This was really hard because you would try and not think about what you were going to do next but then an idea would come into your head and you would think ‘yes lets do that’ but then you realize that you just planned it so you can’t do it anymore. After we did that for a few minutes we lay on our backs and focused on our breathing and did some breathing exercises and I found it really relaxing. We then had a look at photos that were taken from our photo shoot and some of them were quite hilarious! But there are some really good ones and we had to pick 5 of our favorites. It was really hard to pick. While we were doing this we ate food. Food is great  we had this amazing dip called ‘Baby Spinach & Feta’. It tasted amazing! Alisha then gave us all a children’s book and we had to read it like we were reading it to primary school children and that was interesting it was difficult to try and read a book that you have never read before and have the book facing the audience so they can see the pictures while trying to concentrate on the speed you are reading at and the way you pronounce your words so they are clear and have emotion to make them sound interesting. The final thing we did was we used our bodies and our voices to demonstrate a sound like SPLOSH! That was hard because we weren’t meant to think about it too much either.

Stay tuned for more guest blogs coming your way in October as we head into our school holiday intensive with visiting Actor Kane Lach, Set/Costume Designer Lachlan Sully, Composer Ryan Morrison and our phenomenal cast. If you’d like to be involved contact: or 041 626 7391


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