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Question of the day:

Part I: If you were a jungle cat, which one would you be and by choice what noise would you make?

Part II: (Working clock wise around the car) what animal best represents the person on your left?

Today has been one of the more challenging sessions at PressureLands but as things turn out it was also one of the more rewarding days.

Beginning with a very different style of warm up than we’re used to, Kane put us through our paces disco style! …not really but kind of. There was lots of dancing.

Theatre sports was next, the ensemble played typewriter and discovered stories with a town crushing giant, ugly girls and the attack of the birds, the greedy Prince and his revengeful servants and a little merman that got stuck on a rock.

After creating our own stories we read to each other from innocent looking children’s stories need I say looks can be deceiving. After selecting one of the books that didn’t make us cry as a group we retold the story through performance about worries that sneak up on you. Despite some crazy ideas, we managed to tame them in a way that worked for all of us.

After lunch it was time to get a little more focused on the project, yesterday we wrote ‘Once upon a time’ short stories. They were a bit scary to read and even scarier to write. Inspired by one of the stories/ quotes or what ever they are, we directed the rest of the group in performing something of great worthiness! This definitely did not come without its challenges but it was great to be a part of and really rewarding especially when yours was performed 🙂

After having such fun working together all day an individual task just didn’t seem quite right. As Alysha left the room we cheated and worked together anyway… to call MUTINY!!!!! (With a back up just incase sleepiness made her grumpy or sad or in Kane’s words “PISSED!”) but she wasn’t because she’s pretty cool like that and even after poking and prodding and pushing her around with creepy little PressureLands chants she smiled, so I kind of felt half bad and we finished off the task as she’d asked.



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