Post our December Development Intensive here are some thoughts from the lovely Kelly McNamara, who joined us for the week as an actor and provocateur to help refine and strive towards a solid draft 4…


So many stories, they echo….

Describe your personal experience during the entire Pressure Lands project? I came at the end of the development – a project that has been worked on for 2 years. I feel that I am standing on an iceberg and I can see the solid, glistening section above water but can just sense the immenseness and history of the foundation that exists below the surface. Below the surface is hard work and difficult stories but also dreams and hopes.

Hummus and hope

How do you feel within the Pressure Lands group? What is your role in the project? The other members of Pressure Land called me hope (or that I symbolised that section of the script)…. I called myself hummus. There was some logic behind this. I said, “I am the hummus of the project”. It’s the spread that can go with most things however it is a relatively new condiment in Australia, as far as the history sandwiches go.  It is a new flavour that goes on the bread to blend and enhance the flavours of the salad. Alysha is of course the foundation – the bread, and the other Pressure Land people are their individual salad items.

Stick or carrot?

What are your impressions of Pressure Lands? Safe, fun, honest and respectful. Very relaxed and chilled out, but not in an unprofessional way ; it’s just Pressure Lands chooses not to marshal people into action but coddle and motivate. It doesn’t need to use a stick because the carrot is sooo good. Everyone I met wants the show to be a success and is willing to volunteer their time to the project. Everyone wants the chance to go to Adelaide, the Fringe and continue on. After just a few days I can’t believe the structural and character leaps forward – this script has developed into one delicious carrot!


By Kelly McNamara