This the third week-long intensive development of the PressureLands project is definitely a time for reflection….

I asked the cast & creative team to jot down some thoughts late Sunday night.

Brianna Obst says:

So I guess this stage of creative development has been a bit easier.

I’ve gotten used to meeting new people now. That sounds funny at nineteen but, hey! This round of intensive workshopping brought with it an introduction to a new willing victim. Welcome Kelly! Kelly brings a different dynamic to our previous actors and today was the first time Kelly had read the script. It was nice to see how she interpreted it. Although the work we were doing was similar to what I’d done before, what came out at the end was different – the space became more open and easier to explore. Having become familiar with Draft Two has made it easier to feel where movement and lines merge and to establish convincing and real moments.

Also – I’m not overly fond of movement “it was hard and it was yucky” but I got through it 😛

***Writer/Director’s Note – After working to the wee hours of this morning, I revealed Draft 4 during today’s Creative Development. More on that soon.