Some articulate, thoughtful thoughts from our fabulous composer who has spent the last 3 days immersed in our world. Unfortunately he has to go back to the real world for the rest of the week but we’re super excited about the beautiful sounds he’s already created and will create to fill our world. Read on for his thoughts on the past few days…..

PressureLands December 2011 Intensive!

If I could comprehensively (and intelligibly) summarise my experiences during the past few days, I would. But my brain is a particularly piquant kind of mush right now. I could attribute this to the weather, or the caffeine, or even the triumphant ingestion of a tequila-soaked jalapeño. But no. No, ladies and gents; I’m going to attribute this to the Awesome. Being close to this kind of Awesome takes energy.

Here is the closest metaphor I can affix to my perception of the process at hand. Imagine covering a canvas in paint. Lots of paint, in lots of different colours, in lots of different splattered and scattering ways. Then imagine willing the paint into an impressionist painting – a vast landscape, dotted with figures, each commanding their own space, and each completely lost in it. Then give each of the three of the figures a voice, woven out of many voices. A composite worldview, sung out of secrets.

Oh and also the paint is sentient, and has feelings. And vocal cords made out of post-it notes.

Anyway. Imagined it? Okay. You’re about halfway there.

I was jokingly referred to as ‘just the music guy’. I was apologised to, but I wasn’t ever offended by the sentiment. While the music will hopefully play a useful part in the proceedings as planned, the story is, and always has been, a collaborative effort on behalf of all those living it, be they performers, writers, the director, or the original contributors themselves. The pressured. The beleaguered. The lost. I’ll put a soundtrack to it all if I can. But this story is big, bigger than its canvas. Bigger than the stage they’re putting it on.

If all else fails, I’ll just sneak some death metal in, and slink away before they have time to notice.

– Ryan Morrison, Just The Music Guy, 18/12/11, 9:39pm