On the way to the Waikerie Primary School Kane (professional actor) suggested the random question of the day which, was’ What dessert would you be and why?’ It was a very mind challenging question as we had to answer why although; it was great to learn more about each other.

When we arrived at the venue (Waikerie Primary School) Kane used Alysha’s groovy music to start us off with stretches to warm up our bodies. After Jess Weedy and Ryan (musician) split away from the gang to practise some beats for the official PressureLands’s song. This left the rest of the gang to practise to control their movements from laying down to getting up. Milly rocked up half way through this activity when it was becoming challenging as Alysha increased the length of time from laying down to getting up. When Jess Weedy and Ryan reunited with the gang we exchanged what we did in that time. I can tell you all that the song is one of the many elements to look forward to from the project 🙂

Shalyee arrived and joined the gang for the next activity which, was to act as a characters that the gang from yesterday created. They created two characters so, they acted like one while the new peeps acted like the other one. We acted as what their (the character’s) attitude would be like when interacting with others. This was done by two people getting up and heading in the opposite direction as the other across the room. It was interesting as we didn’t have to say anything but, it become quite boring doing that so some verbal action commenced.
It was then time for the lunch, Weedy had made Shaylee a cupcake cake as it was her birthday not long ago. We acted as candles and Shaylee followed by Jess Weedy blew us out. After we then brainstormed ideas for all aspects about the Pressurelands project by playing the buzz game where none one can add on to your idea and it was intense. Once everyone had a say the brainstorming become an open discussion amongst all peeps. Many great ideas were suggested and hopefully will be incorporated into the project. We then reviewed and casually rehearsed last year’s script for the working progress.

Sadly, Milly had to leave us and go to work but, we kept rolling on by the last activity. This involved the scenarios that the peeps again from yesterday altered and used others to act out the idea. I worked with Kane to perform his rap which also, included Ryan to crack the beats 🙂 I also, was involved in Jess Weedy’s aging performance which, she directed very well. The other three performances by Tubb (Nic), Brianna and Kait were entertaining and fascinating to watch.

It was then time to clean up our mess in the room and head off to our homes. Tubb made another random question on the ride home which, was ‘Do you think you deserve what you have?’ It was very opinionative and left us with new ideas made by others who answered the question.
Thank you all for a great and enjoyable day it was worth leaving homework for a day 🙂 Only two more day to go until the end of the school holidays sessions so enjoy it 🙂